Harry Potter: Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan), “Harry Potter has definitely changed my life”

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Who would have imagined that the Harry Potter saga would be so successful, even after so many years? The Potterheads are always there! Discover our interview with Devon Murray …
The Harry Potter saga was an incredible adventure for both fans and actors who helped bring JK Rowling’s magic to life. It is not the latter who will say the opposite, far from it and still less the interpreter of Seamus Finningan alias Devon Murray! Most of the cast of Harry Potter lived to the rhythm of adventures of boy wizard for almost 10 years and although the shootings are closed to with the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” there is more Of 5 years now, they have not forgotten about this important part of their lives. While in Paris to meet with his fans on the occasion of the third edition of the Convention “Welcome To The Magic School” by People Convention , the 28 year old Irish actor confided to some of his best memories of his Adventure but also lent itself to the game of some fun questions! Do not forget to vote for the Potterheads melty Future Awards 2017, the votes are tight with Throners !