Harry Potter: Hermione is one of the most popular heroes in the movies?

Cinema 25 December, 2016

According to a recent ranking, Hermione would be one of the most popular heroes in the movies … but is the star of Harry Potter number one?
With strong female characters increasingly present (rightly) on our screens, Hollywood Reporter decided to make a ranking for this year 2016 . A classification that lists the 50 heroines who will have marked the world of the seventh art while keeping in mind that the latter is purely subjective. Readers can find several characters from popular culture as the heroines of Star Wars Leia or Rey. But others from the small screen as Dana Scully ( The X Files ) or Buffy ( Buffy against vampires ) are also present. And that’s a heroine of Harry Potter, including Eddie Redmayne had auditioned to play Voldemort , who monopolizes the first place in this ranking …
It is you guessed Hermione Granger , famous magician of the universe created by JK Rowling . Not surprising when you see how the character has inspired thousands of girls around the world . Beautiful, intelligent and persistent, the heroine has established herself as one of Harry’s best friends while helping her in her adventures since childhood. She was present during the most important events and a precious help to defeat Voldemort. Without Hermione at Harry’s side, no doubt the fate of the young wizard would not have been the same. Emma Watson, who recently honored Tom Hanks , will be able to impose his character as one of the most significant film from Hollywood Reporter . Do you agree with this ranking?