Harry Potter: The 5 Times That Hermione Granger Could Have Finished in Azkaban

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Hermione Granger is an extremely talented witch, but her talent could have earned her some stays in Azkaban!

Hermione Granger is an exemplary witch, a brilliant student and an outstanding friend. More than once his talents have saved the lives of his closest friends, but also other Hogwarts students and let’s be honest, of all the world’s people. Yes, the fight against Voldemort would not have been the same without his ideas and knowledge engineering . Only by the laws governing the wizarding world would the young woman have been able to pass behind bars of Azkaban, a prison from which she has changed forever. So yes, Hermione always did it for the good of humanity, but if she had not been under the protection of Dumbledore during her years at Hogwarts, she could have taken so much!

When she sets fire to Snape’s cape because she thinks he is attacking Harry. Hermione, it could have gone awry!

When she goes back in time for anything other than her lessons and with Harry! Hermione, you betrayed McGonagall’s trust

When in the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it locks Rita Skeeter (in the form of scarab) in a jar to prevent it from spreading lies … (Well ok, we all dreamed of doing it)

When she uses magic formulas outside Hogwarts, such as making her forget her existence to her own parents

Who would dare to attack Dolores Umbridge without fear of a most painful punishment? Hermione did not hesitate to trap her in the middle of the Forbidden Forest … And in the Muggle world, it’s not helping anyone in danger!

We forgive you Hermione because in the end you saved humanity, but we want to be honest with you, sometimes you make us a bit freak!