Harry Styles and Tess Ward couple, new details on their relationship unveiled!

Entertainment 24 May, 2017

Were you dreaming to find out more about Harry Styles and Tess Ward, the most mysterious couple of the sphere people? The new revelations are here!
It is the new couple that scares the Web. If we believe the latest rumors, Harry Styles whose album is a box , and Tess Ward would live an idyll. Obviously, nothing has been confirmed but the fans are already convinced: they are together. The two lovebirds began to make the headlines of the people’s press early May when they were first spotted in the singer’s car. Subsequently, the clues did not fail to invade the social networks and the admirers of the singer became real investigators. The 27-year-old food blogger quickly became the focus of attention. Strongly criticized by the haters, she did not hesitate to defend herself saying that ” She only wishes to share her love for cooking with her subscribers and nothing else. But although she prefers to be discreet about her supposed new romance and very little information has been revealed about the true nature of her relationship with the ex-member of the One Direction, the editing of melty reveals you more …
According to the revelations of the British media The Sun , Tess Ward and Harry Styles would appreciate much. Nevertheless, both celebrities would prefer not to take the lead and put no label on what they currently live . But that’s not all ! Some relatives of the singer would have also explained that for the moment nothing is really serious between them. The reason ? The interpreter of “Woman” would still not have introduced the culinary consultant to his mother Anne Twist . But let us reassure ourselves, love seems well and well to the rendezvous for the two lovebirds. “As soon as Harry met Tess, There was a spark between them. They quickly hooked on their common tastes for fashion and food – things then quickly became romantic, ” says one informant, in other words, everything seems to be going for the better. Why, in our opinion, Harry Styles and Tess Ward go so well together , and are you fans of this brand new couple?