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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


Kate Moss, Donatella Versace, Tiger Woods, Selena Gomez… All and all are passed by the clinic The Meadows where is present the producer Harvey Weinstein.

In English, the word meadow means grassland. Among the hollywood stars, a stay at the clinic The Meadows in Arizona is synonymous with going green. Located 80 miles from Phoenix in the Sonoran desert, this medical site of 5 hectares is specialized in the treatment of behavioral disorders and addictions of all kinds. The tariffs ? 3400 dollars for the night, or 2800 euros, and a list of its customers is the same as a business card. If the american producer Harvey Weinstein has just settle to follow a detox to sex (if, if, it exists), other celebrities have already stayed for various reasons.

Has the image of the swimming champion Michael Phelps who, in 2014, had a serious problem with the bottle. The top british Kate Moss has also made part of residents in 2005 for treatment of alcohol and cocaine. It was also cross-Selena Gomez for two weeks in 2013, just as It McPherson in 2003, a victim of depression after the birth of his son Aurelius.

Or Donatella Versace in 2004, because of a cocaine addiction on the advice of his friend Elton John. Relating to sex addiction, the stay of the golfer Tiger Woods in 2010 at The Meadows has also marked the spirits.

In fact, what is a detox at sex ? According to the site of the clinic, the programme contains, in particular, of yoga, of meditation, of therapy through the expressive arts , and even equine therapy. Explanations : “When patients are in a impasse blocking the next stage of the treatment, a horse can become a therapeutic tool by providing a model of behavior that is predictable and honest. Patients are taught to be predictable, trustworthy and communicative from the link established with the horse. “If it works, all means are good.

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