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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


She had not hidden her opinion on the matter. On Tuesday, Catherine Deneuve is a co-signatory to a forum that denounces the anti-sexual harassment at work and in public space launched after the scandal of the case of Weinstein in Hollywood.

Thunderclap in Hollywood. At the beginning of the month of October 2017, the producer of the most influential Hollywood for decades, Harvey Weinstein, is sacked after accusations of sexual harassment. At the beginning of the month of November, the list of victims has grown to 93 women accuse the producer, 14 of them of rape. Thanks to an article published in the New Yorker, Ronan Farrow breaks up the silence and opens the door to a movement that will become global. Now the victims speak. And are embarking on the social networks, the hashtags #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc that allow thousands of anonymous people to share their unfortunate experiences of sexual harassment at work and in the street. At the end of the year Time Magazine decides to put it on the cover these “briseuses and breakers of silence” as persons of the year 2017.

It is from these movements that in the newspaper The World, 100 signatories, including Catherine Millet, Sophie de Menthon, Peggy Sastre, Brigitte Lahaie, Elisabeth Levy and actress Catherine Deneuve brush it away. They explain : “rape is a crime. But the dredge insistent or awkward is not a crime, nor the gallantry aggression macho (…) We defend the freedom to annoy, which is essential to sexual freedom. Today we are sufficiently aware to admit that the sexual impulse is by nature offensive and wild, but we are sufficiently far-sighted not to be confused dredge, awkward, and sexual assault. “These signatories to refute these feminist movements that they compare to a” campaign of denunciations submitted and indictments of public individuals.” And warn against its abuses ” this is the essence of puritanism that to borrow, in the name of a supposed general welfare, the arguments of the protection of women and their empowerment to better link them to a status of eternal victims “.

On social networks, the internet users rose against the forum considered reactionary and disconnected from the realities. Catherine Deneuve, for her part, had already expressed on the subject at the time of the promotion for the film Just between us.

Now when you see Catherine Deneuve in TT, you say to yourself she is dead, she still says shit. Today, she is not dead.

— The Kompt Fu (@LeKompt) January 9, 2018

Catherine Deneuve on the day when she will go out of her castle and take a hand in the ass on the street in the name of sexual freedom, she is going to see any blur. pic.twitter.com/8RPUaJyivt

— Tania (@TaniaKessaouti) January 9, 2018

Beyond its content, the forum for sexual assault and minimizing their impact raises questions about the positioning of the newspaper The World pic.twitter.com/S3l9uVMShc

— Alice Coffin (@alicecoffin) January 9, 2018

Women sign an op-ed in @lemondefr in order to defend the right to sexually assault women (and to insult the feminists).

2018 looks well. 😱 pic.twitter.com/DL2ACuxhVW

— Caroline De Haas (@carolinedehaas) January 9, 2018

I also note that in this forum they speak of their girls, how they are going to educate them blablabla but NEVER TO THEIR SONS. Hum. 🤔

— Kiyémis. (@ThisisKiyemis) January 9, 2018

This forum degeulasse not been validated by women who are flirting in the universe-felted. But when you find yourself alone in a train at night with a guy that you “drag” heavily-you can’t join the ” right to annoy “. https://t.co/DbqdfyFP3O

— Elodie G (@Elodie_G) January 9, 2018

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Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Lahaie

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