Have you noticed these chechous inconsistencies in these TV series?

Cinema 5 July, 2017

What kinds of products do they take from the screenwriters?

We saw it with this top devoted to the stuff that happens only in the series, there is often abuse in terms of script strings in our favorite shows. Still, that is deliberate. Because it happens that showrunners completely zap certain details from one episode to another, offering fans (with good memory) some notable inconsistencies. The proof.
“Scrubs”: But how did JD and Turk meet?

The two inseparable potos took advantage of the episode “My Kingdom” in season 2 to recall their first encounter at the university. “You were a real idiot,” Turk reminds himself of JD before he was seen entering the university room with a mule cut and a big geek. But several episodes later, in season 4, the encounter is imagined quite differently: it is a Turk hairy who brings into the room and discovers (with horror) JD covered with a wizard’s hat. 2 different stories for the same encounter, you said bizarre?
“Friends”: But how old are the characters?

From you to me, it is often difficult to remember the age of fictional characters. But mess, writers, it costs them what to note that somewhere and remember it? Takes the example of “Friends” and Ross. Initially, the palaeontologist tells Joey that he was born in December. But a few seasons later, he celebrates his birthday on October 16th. Regarding this same Ross, someone noticed that he had 29 years for at least 3 seasons? And what about this imbroglio around the age of Rachel, who in episode 14 of season 7, is the last of the band to celebrate her 30 years. While it is specified as of season 1 that Joey is the youngest of the group, with one year less than the young woman. The numbers are really not their strong …
The Big Bang Theory: Why Howard does not remember for the elevator?

Well known to fans of The Big Bang Theory, the joke running of the elevator is one of the classics of the genre. The trick has been down since the beginning of the series, pushing Sheldon and his sidekicks to climb the stairs whatever happens. From the first season, Leonard explains to a curious Howard why the elevator does not work. But strangely, in the middle of season 3, Leonard reveals to Penny that the device is in the road since he and his group of friends tried a scientific experiment 7 years ago. But one question arises: why Howard sought to know the reason for the breakdown if he was present at the time of the incident? Transient Amnesia?
Gossip Girl: How can Dan hide behind Gossip Girl ?!

I want to be a good public but there are still some scenarios to keep. See what I’m getting at? Yeah, the twist to the final season finale of “Gossip Girl”, where we finally learn that it was Dan who was hiding behind this blog murderer. Level credibility, we saw better. The guy has still trasher on the sexual life of his little sister of 15 pins and on himself too. Even more bizarre, in the first season, although he is all alone at home and free of his movements, he appears shocked by what he reads on the blog. Completely schizo.
The Simpsons: The family farm burned or not?

Ok, it’s a cartoon, and we can not ask them the same rigor as the other series. But a minimum what, especially when it is played at a few episodes of interval. In the episode “A Harvest of Hell” (season 11), Homer fled with his family, when he had provoked a furious fool in a duel. All this little world takes refuge in a farm, which turns out to be the one where Homer grew up. The same farm that … caught a few episodes earlier because of the unconscious daron and grandfather Abraham. We want to know the name of the craftsmen who have rebuilt everything identically in record time eh.
Buffy vampires: Well, do they breathe or not these vampires?

Among the peculiarities of the vampires, you know necessarily their allergy to the holy water, the sun, the fact that they do not have a reflection … But did you know that they did not breathe? Joss Whedon was aware in any case, and he took it into account in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. It is for this reason that in season 1, Angel can not save Buffy by offering him a mouth-to-mouth. Well, that’s the official version. Maybe the beautiful kid just wanted to kill the Slayer. We realize later, at different points in the series, that vampires have breath because they smoke and they are also vulnerable to strangulation. Zero coherence.