Having feelings is fantastic, so there are fantastic films full of feelings, logical

Cinema 14 March, 2017

It is the beauty of cinema. As long as your scenes have a meaning and influence on the story, it’s open bar. So you can see love stories on a fantastic background.
There are no rules. Or rather, we must know how to surpass them, circumvent them, transcend them. It is risky indeed, but the game is worth the candle. When it works, it gives us a nice movie to watch . Without being pleasing to everyone (it is impossible mission, but without James Bond), these films remain examples.
Wandering souls
Tirée d’un roman de Stephenie Meyer, le film nous montre des Aliens qui veulent prendre le contrôle de la Terre et des êtres humains. Ces aliens sont d’ailleurs appelés “les Âmes” et un d’entre eux rencontre des difficultés à s’approprier l’esprit de sa victime, Melanie. Pourquoi ? Car celui-ci est totalement tourné vers un homme caché dans le désert. Un homme qu’elle aime. Du coup, elle partage ses souvenirs de Jared non stop et désire toujours le sauver. Oups, j’allais oublier : c’est la même romancière qui a écrit “Twilight”. Coïncidence ? Je ne crois pas.
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Sublimes créatures
Another adapted work of a book, finally of several I should say, the saga Beautiful Creatures of Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. In summary, Ethan is a young high school student who gets her shit in the middle of nowhere in the southern States, until Lena arrives . The trick is that the mysterious phenomena multiply as soon as it arrives then it is rather badly seen. Except by Ethan, coquinou, who wants to know more. He will discover his secret, which will necessarily impact their love story. Suspense.
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Come on, I’ll let you guess: from a book or not? Surprise … yes! And since there was matter, bah there was film. Finally, of the film, what. Five, to be precise. To avoid summarize badly, early enough: Bella moves in with her father in Forks and falls madly in love with Edward, a guy his age . But brothel of God’s name: he’s a vampire. Like all his family. So what ? Bella likes it, will be accepted by (almost) all. Then there will be ups and downs, obstacles … And ahead Guingamp, you have five movies to watch.
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A classic since the Disney animated movie dating back to 1951. And like any good self-respecting classic, it never dies. Thus, in 2015, a new version was proposed to the public, with Helena Bonham-Carter and Cate Banchett. Still. And the story of this poor Cinderella, as nice as nice, that life does not spare, as we always moves . With the Prince who would do anything for her, unlike her vicious mother-in-law and her two-half-sister bastards.
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Already, note the original first name. Yes, this is the name of the lady. Then it is fortunate not to age: born in 1908, it still in great shape and always looks as young and beautiful a hundred years later . Except that she is not convinced that this is a chance, she dares to enjoy and build a love story. The struggle of reason against feelings.
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The beauty and the Beast
To change, it is an adaptation of Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve’s tale, dating back to 1740. We are talking about the film released in 2014, with Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel. If you have the lazy to download it (legally, of course), you can expect the next adaptation planned this year. Basically: a family in galley part in the campaign, took refuge in a castle to avoid a snowstorm, and daron is confused by the domain owner, a beast . Condemned to death, outright. But one of his daughters, Belle, turns the head of my Beast and sacrifices himself. Slowly but surely, they get to know each other. And Belle will want to save the Beast, in fact a cursed Prince for his past not jojo. Which do you prefer?