Hayden Cross : man pregnant, gives birth to a daughter

Health 9 July, 2017

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A happy event a little incongruous took place in England a few weeks ago. Hayden Cross, is legally recognized as a man since 3 years, after having changed gender, has given birth to a little girl, Trinity Leigh, born by caesarean section on June 16. The dad had paused in his transition and hormone therapy during her pregnancy. He now hopes to complete its transition in so doing remove the breasts and ovaries.

“She’s perfect in all points,” he told the Sun after the birth of her baby, speaking of his daughter.

Hayden Cross, had applied to freeze these eggs by the NHS, the health system, for a british audience, in the hope that he might have children in the future. After having received a refusal on the part of the institution, he found an anonymous sperm donor on Facebook and got pregnant.

The announcement of her pregnancy had sparked a real uproar on the social networks.

Not a single case

“To have biological children has always meant a lot to me,” he said earlier in the year. “I had always wanted to have children.” Her daughter was born in the hospital Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. On his birth certificate, Mr. Cross is reported as being his mother. The father is not indicated.

Although the case of Hayden Cross is rare, it is not unique. Thomas Beatie, a transgender american, in 2008 became the first man to give birth. Since then, he is the proud father of 3 children. And in September, a couple transgender ecuador (a man become a woman and a woman become a man), became the first couple to welcome a child in Latin America. Who have not undergone a complete transition, they had the child naturally.