Health insurance : high management costs

Health 7 July, 2017


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The economic analysis Council (CAE) is not tender with the management of health expenditures in France. In a note published on Thursday, titled ” What strategy for public expenditure ? “, the body in charge of advising the Prime minister on economic issues denounces the too much weight of the health insurance system.

He recalls the figures of the OECD : public expenditure on health accounted for 8.7% of GDP in 2014, plus an additional 2.4 percentage points of GDP for expenditure from private sources, mainly from complementary.

13.4 billion in operating costs

A duality in the refunds that it points the finger. “The gender mix of the health insurance system the French hinders the control of health expenditure (due to lack of coordination between the social Security and the additional bodies), and involves high management costs,” says the EAC in its report.

These costs amounted in 2015 to $ 13.4 billion euros, of which 7.2 for the organizations linked to the social Security. And, while other items of public expenditure the main (central and local administrations) to stabilize the health-related expenditures continue to increase. “As a proportion of GDP, the public wage bill has very little increased in the course of the past 35 years,” she adds, just as the economic burden of retirement pensions.