Heart attack : in-hospital mortality reduced by half in 20 years

Health 27 August, 2017


Published the 27.08.2017 at 13h58


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Over the past two decades, deaths from myocardial infarction decreased by half in the swiss hospitals, according to a study presented at the european congress of cardiology which takes place at the moment in Barcelona. And although the young women die less this cardiac accident, they still die more than young men.

The researchers from the university of Zurich have relied on data from 83 health facilities across the country. Between 1997 and 2016, approximately 51 725 persons were victims of a heart attack and hospitalized, including 73 % of men aged on average 64 years of age and 27 % of women aged 72 years.

For nearly 31,000 patients, the cause of the infarct was the total obstruction of a coronary artery (also called myocardial STEMI). For others, the blood continued to flow but at very low flow rates (myocardial infarction NON-stemi).

Women are the first victims

In 20 years, it appears that the mortality of STEMI patients has decreased from 9.8% to 5.5% among men and 18.3% to 6.9% among women. For the other type of infarction, the male mortality increased from 7.1 % to 2.1 %, while the mortality rate of women has dropped 11% to 3.6 %.

“Women continue to have higher mortality in hospital than men, probably because they have 8 years more, when they are victims of a heart attack, and that they exhibit more cardiovascular risk factors and comorbidities” suggests Dr. Dragana Radovanovic, senior author of this work. The literature shows, indeed, that smoking is exploding among women.