Heidi Klum in lingerie, Anthony Delon in bathrobe … Hot, unusual or funny, the week of the stars in pictures

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

The people have become completely addicted to social networks, post on their accounts everything and anything. Here are images that our friends the celebrities have shared with us this week.

This week, it’s the looks and appearances of stars who have arraigned us …
Bob Sinclar chooses an outfit more original … It is sure not to go unnoticed with his kilt and his sailor  !

eva1Enora Malagre goes with Bob Sinclar with his shirt in red and black tartan, but we were especially cracks on two small biquettes that accompany it.
Salma Hayek, meanwhile, chose to hide behind dark glasses and a hat . But nothing to say, everything is beautiful to him .
Kendji girac him, has set his sights on the black and white for its passage in Italy, details “mode”: the shoes worn without socks and white jeans widely torn knees. Trendy young “Gitano” .
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham girlfriend play twin sisters in being both dressed in black. We distinguish even a smile from Vicky …
Tori Spelling is a very pretty expectant mother in a ravishing yellow dress that suits him perfectly. Her husband seemed to enjoy.
Priscilla Betti , not warmed, plays Teddy. Too cute waistcoat for cocooning evenings.
Heidi Klum, was the opposite of Priscilla Betti, prefer a lighter outfit. The top is sublime mini pink lingerie.
And we end with Anthony Delon, sexy robe wish . We were valid.
We wish you good viewing you and seeing you next week.