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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday is gone. Today only, Laeticia will have the heavy task to manage the image and the fortune of her husband, who disappeared. But it will not take the decisions alone. As the inheritors of the moral, David Hallyday and Laura Smet will have their say.

Johnny Hallyday is gone. Monday, December 11, the famous rocker was buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint Barthelemy. A new life begins today for Laeticia. It is only now that she must care for her two small daughters, Jade and Joy. Fortunately, she can rely on its loyal supporters, as his grand-mother, aka Mamy rock, his girlfriend Hélène Darrroze, or even the godfather of Jade, the actor Jean Reno.

Despite the penalty, the wife of Johnny Hallyday will also have to maintain the aura of the singer. At his side since their marriage in 1996, Laeticia knows the codes of show business. The widow will have to respond to numerous solicitations for the rocker today gone : rereleased albums, image rights, film projects or documentaries. Decisions she will need to take with the agreement of the two children of her husband, David Hallyday and Laura Smet. As the inheritors of the moral, they have their word to say on the use of the image of their missing father. About the financial issue, Johnny Hallyday had little money, but a beautiful heritage estate, estimated at between 40 and 50 million euros. The testament of the rocker will decide what units to give to each.

Another detail to settle, and not least : the royalties. According to Fabien Lecoeuvre, interviewed by the Point, we should distinguish four : the rights of interpretation on the 1 300 titles, copyright and composition (Johnny Hallyday is the author or co-author of a hundred songs), but also the rights of music publishers, through its two publishing companies, and finally the moral right on all emissions. Royalties, which represent tens of thousands of euros per year, to be divided between the various heirs.

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