Helene de Fougerolles: “I have shared custody of Shana and it goes very well me”

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

The actress says about divorce and said aloud what many think quietly.
helene-de-fougerolles-avant-premiereMarried for seven years, Helene de Fougerolles is now in love again, happy and fulfilled as a divorced woman and mother . Daily she likes and she does that divorce. In an interview with Tele Star (November 28 issue), the Vannetaise 43 years back on its own history echoing the TV movie The heart of the links , in which he plays a courageous step-mother who fights for custody of son of her deceased husband.
” I would have been her best friend , she says of her character. I would have told her to have her child one weekend out of two is not bad .” She says, almost surprised: ” I have lots of friends who separate from their guys and fight for sole custody Ooh … I have shared custody of Shana long time, and that to me! going very well. “modern Mom and outspoken, Hélène de Fougerolles no secret that having custody of her 13 years every two weeks with her ex-husband Eric Hubert is beneficial and greatly helped him to recover from his divorce his wife and conduct of life (and mother) blossomed. He added mischievously: ” I often think that it is best in the wedding, it’s still … divorce and joint custody! ”
In recent months, she spins the perfect love with the founder of Meetic, Marc Simoncini . In January, she formalized with him posing on red carpet. A strong act for an actress who has never done this before. But she felt ” so comfortable and confident with Marc ” that expose did not scare him. In Paris Match , she recounted, drunk with happiness ” ! I met the man of my life and I’m really proud of him as my double is Marc Our history is one of the most beautiful things to me either. arrival, even if it were to stop tomorrow. But there are two more years, I no longer believed. the loving couples around me irritated me, I found ludicrous. there I have been lucky . Marc is very nice, it has a lot of humor and it makes me dream. If we had to tick all the boxes, it’s the ideal man. I have never experienced such evidence. “