Helene Rolles and Patrick Puydebat hard to be old

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

Present on the screen for a quarter century, Helen and Patrick Rolles Puydebat have aged along with their respective characters. Not easy for them today to witness this slow evolution.

helene-rolles-et-patrick-puydebatBetween Helen and the boys , The Miracle of Love , The Holiday of Love or The Mysteries of love , and Helene Rolles Puydebat Patrick spent nearly 25 years to run after on French television. Forming one of the most legendary couples of PAF, the two actors were recently invited on the set of New Edition of Canal + . The opportunity for them to see rebroadcast some of the highlights of their television career. An experience that Patrick Puydebat immediately compared to the act of observing the effect of ” aging software .”
On the question of what it did to the two actors to see themselves growing old (especially when issuing their returns a best of their adventures), Hélène and Patrick Rollès Puydebat each bring a different answer. The interpreter Helene , she does not grant special attention to aging. ” Me, I do not look at me so the question does not arise too ” , simply does respond. The interpreter of Nicolas, he brings a different response. ” I hate. I do not photograph, I do not like the album , “he admits frankly. After a moment, he added: ” It’s a bit violent! ” . That has the merit of being frank.
A certain nostalgia inevitably resurfaces diffused images. On the screen, Helene and Nicolas have always revolved around each other. For spectators, their union seemed inevitable yet in Helena and the boys , they have not done together. In real life, things have taken place otherwise. As Patrick conceded Puydebat magazines Tele Star and Tele Poche , the two actors have a time close off camera. ” He was a flirt when we were kids , admitted the interpreter Nicolas. It was cute, these kisses outside the trays but now there is requirement” .