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Entertainment 12 December, 2017

Hélène Ségara

After years fighting against the disease and months to fight against the consequences of its treatment with cortisone, the singer Hélène Ségara is back as the face of Weight Watchers for a new rebalancing program food.

In October 2013, Hélène Ségara gave to Gala to be suffering from a autoimmune disease that has failed to cause the loss of sight of right eye. A year later, still in the Gala, she was saying that he stopped his heavy cortisone treatment, which has affected her figure, to turn to alternative medicine. At the time, it stated to have been moved by the support of his companion, Mathieu, despite his weight gain : “Of the two, I was without a doubt the more obsessed by my transformation. Fortunately, at the end of fifteen years of common life, the physical attraction is not the only cement in a couple. “.

Before retiring in the United States to keep up with his care and devote himself to his family as to the music, the singer is the target of teasing as she was told, later, by Thierry Ardisson in his show Salvation to earthlings : “people who are overweight do not live all easily and are not integrated into a society of care bears. I had to justify myself on this physical change but then I’ve never talked about it.”

Since then, the singer is more solar and positive than ever and, after Amel Bent and Maurane, has become the face of a new rebalancing program food Weight Watchers. Star of 5 videos released by the brand, it delivers to the audience his tips for find the line.

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

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