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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Rehabilitation since waking up from an induced coma that has lasted 32 days, Herbert Léonard is preparing now to go home, as announced by his wife Cleo.

Cléo Leonard has just announced a great news to the fans of her husband. Plunged into a medically induced coma for over a month, following a pulmonary embolism, Herbert Léonard will soon be able to leave the hospital and go home. “Still in rehabilitation for this week. Then a fortnight or 3 weeks ‘rehabilitation’ (supplemental program) and… then… finally… back home to fine-tune the restoration of muscle and lung with the physios, continue the return towards the normal life, announced that the wife of the singer on his page Facebook. Mid-September (at the latest) should be a good date to consider ‘his back’ : a new road to the music… maybe !

Very present on the social networks, Cleo Leonard does not stop giving news about the state of health of her husband since the beginning of his hospitalization on June 16. Moreover, it is she who had announced that he would begin his rehabilitation at the beginning of the month of August : “Herbert gets better and better. It progresses quickly. He began to walk a little. He eats, watches TV, reads. It begins the re-education (muscle and lung) by the end of the week. The team of intensive care where he is since 2 weeks the is very and it responds well.



Herbert Leonard

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