Hidden Beauty: What would Edward Norton & Jacob Latimore say to Death? Discover it in our interview (EXCLUDED)

Edward Norton and Jacob Latimore have since appeared in the movie Beauté Cachée. Check out our exclusive interview.
Hidden beauty is in theaters since yesterday and we continue to make you discover the cast of this movie perfect chorus for the season. Edward Norton lends his features to Whit, one of the best friends of the character of Will Smith who tries as he can to get his buddy out of his torpor. Jacob Latimore , meanwhile, lends his features in Time, one that slips through our fingers and we can not see through. We had the chance to meet them for an exclusive interview and we asked them what they would write to Love, Time or Death if they had the opportunity. Here’s what Jacob Latimore told us: “I write to Death because it really is a mystery, everyone must die one day and I would ask him, Why Why must all meet with you?” . As for Edward Norton, her requests are a little less philosophical as he said: “I would ask him if I can take my phone (…) and if I still have not finished Breaking Bad, is what I Could do it in the hereafter? ” .
We then asked them what memories they kept from filming and obviously the atmosphere was good. Edward Norton answered us . “It was when we were all together and I was Jacob toured together and have shared stages with 3 sirens of English cinema Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley … We were there to tell Stories, Helen Mirren answered our questions … It was really fun, Helen and Keira are really funny! ” . We would have liked to be there! Our interview with Will Smith for the release of Hidden Beauty is already available on melty , go in theaters!

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