Holiday on Ice: Gold under the pads

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

For sixty-three, this show is synonymous with success. Under the ice, hides a treasure Discovery.

time-holidayThis is the story of a success that lasts. Timeless. Prestigious. Magic. He seduced generation to generation 7 to 77 years. Seventy-three years after its creation, the brand Holiday on Ice still holds the top billing of the most viewed shows in the world. Guinness World Records it even granted in 2008 the title of most popular Show. To date, over 328 million viewers watching dreamed Holiday on Ice . In 1943, Carl Snyder and Donn Arden, two Americans, were invited to put on their pads to their present to the people of Toledo, Ohio, a choreography during the Christmas holidays. They naturally call their show Holiday on Ice (Holiday on ice). With technical invention Moriss Chalfen their friend, their show takes take the form of a success story. The latter, artists and sports agent, puts in fact developed a system that allows to manufacture large-scale artificial freezing temperatures and whatever. This brilliant find allows the concept to be exported everywhere and opens the door to international success. Each time, the show adapts to the trends. In 1988 skaters dancing on the disco in sequined leotard in Believe they are young freestylers who open the show to the sound of techno rhythm. The main idea is to inspire dreams and surprise the audience, never offend him.

Skating flirts with the musical and the audience applauded.
This art form has always dream crowds so when it becomes a show with costumes and paintings and corresponds to the times, you imagine the succès.En confirms the immense popularity of Holiday on Ice whose brand reaches 82 % brand awareness according to a survey by Sofres. In France, the first show Holiday on Ice arrives in 1951. This is the famous “baby Cadum” alias Charley Michaelis that one must show arrival in Paris. The Franco-American former hockey star and baby, is rich enough to import the visionary concept in Europe’s expense. The popular success is the appointment and the stars are interested in the phenomenon. Elvis Presley is going to meet the skaters behind the scenes of their show in Frankfurt in 1958 as Lady Di attends in 1983 the adaptation of Sleeping Beauty by Holiday on Ice in London. The personalities are rushing to be seen in the stands and the famous skaters come to seek recognition from the general public. Former champions France and the world as Surya Bonaly or Brian Joubert willingly answered the call of the show and lead the dance for a few performances. Philippe Candeloro is he, one of the figures of PROULT of Holiday on Ice in France. Since 2010, with the approval of Stage Entertainment, owner of the brand and specialist adaptations of musicals from the United States, he tried by all means to rejuvenate the aging of the public show on ice. In this quest for modernity, the empire “On Ice” turned to another champion ice for the show Believe . Nathalie Pechalat , former candidate for Dancing with the Stars and companion of Jean Dujardin , has agreed to put his voice on the love story of Antonio and Clarissa, a sort of Romeo and Juliet specialists worn. This new formula of Holiday on Ice will be up in March 2017 with Time , a show that promises, once again, to mix codes of figure skating while trying to seduce more and more new viewers. The tremendous history of passing time and slipping under our feet. That’s what Time , the new generation of Holiday on Ice aims to tell his French audience in the month of March 2017. An exploration of our most beautiful shared memories of the first kiss, the great love through moments of party, all embodied in axeles triple lutz and half. Figure skating, often mocked for costumes and choreography kitsch, yet is still dreaming the public.