Home birth : a collective to defend Isabelle

Health 1 July, 2017


Published the 01.07.2017 at 11h42


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Isabelle Koenig was convened on Friday before the College of midwives. The organization accuses him of such a danger to his patients, because it would have “delayed the transfer of patients to the maternity” as a result of complications, and of having ” endangered “. It risk the radiation.

A position that deny women gathered in a group created for the occasion, to defend it. “Baby Isabella “, a group of mothers and midwives, gathered in Paris yesterday in front of the headquarters of the Order, for the support.

“Accusations of very little justified”

“Isabelle Koenig practice homebirths with passion and kindness, believes the collective in a message published on his page Facebook. We also indignons of well of this vocation and this part of the impediment to our freedom to choose our delivery. Mrs. Koenig will be judged by his peers on charges that we find very little justified, no complaints came from the parents… “

Three home delivery (AAD) made by the midwife in the Indre-et-Loire pose a particular problem. It would, for example, quick to call the 15 to bring in a maternity equipped one of his patients, Mélina, after that it has developed a post-partum haemorrhage.

“Isabelle contacted them twice and they have sent a private ambulance with the puppets who do not know anything at all,” challenges the young mother, contacted by franceinfo. It is surprising to see these lawsuits against their health care, according to her, would have carried out the follow-up and delivery in the rules, respecting his will not to go to the hospital. “I was not asked nothing, there is no complaint on our part, it is grotesque “, is indignant-she.