Home birth : a midwife risk the radiation

Health 29 June, 2017


Published the 29.06.2017 at 12: 10 pm


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A midwife practicing home births is convened on Friday in front of the council of the Order, which accuses him of, according to its supporters, to have “put at risk” mothers. Isabelle Koenig, wise-woman liberal for the past three years near Tours, after 32 years of practice in hospital, is accused of including a “delayed transfer of patients to the maternity” as a result of complications and of having ” endangered “. He is also blamed for a lack of insurance. It risk the radiation.

No complaint has been filed on the part of the mothers concerned. It is the hospital that have been transferred three of his female patients who has made a report to the Council of the Order of Indre-et-Loire, which has itself filed a complaint. These patients have or had to give birth at home, but they had to be transferred urgently to the maternity ward.

“She saved my life”

A group is created, ” baby Isabella “, in order to take the defence of the midwife. One of the patients involved in a home birth problem – she has been the victim of a hemorrhage after giving birth in her home at 23h25 by July 2016 – thus maintains that the wise woman has in fact contacted an ambulance, but the vehicle did not arrive until two hours later.

“I do not want at all,” she says, as cited by AFP. On the contrary, it saved my life, if it had not agreed to follow me, I would have given birth alone (…). Isabelle should not be continued, it is we who have asked to deliver at home “, she says, while defending a ” coaching where the human takes on its full dimension “.

“Witch hunt”

For the collective, composed of one hundred members, the questioning of Isabelle is in reality a suit against the home birth and a “witch-hunt” against those who practice it. Only sixty midwives would still make home deliveries in France, ” explains the collective. Question : “pressure” exerted on the profession, in particular by means of insurance contracts, the cost is prohibitive, close to 25 000 euro, or an annual average revenue.

The home delivery (AAD) programmed is legal in France, even if very little practiced. There is no official census of these births ; it is estimated that less than 1% of births outside maternity, an evaluation which includes deliveries on the spot as in the fire trucks as well as those programmed at home.

Home birth is available to pregnant women who make the choice, provided that they are at low risk. The midwives who responded to this request in the framework of a comprehensive support : the same professional follows the patient throughout her pregnancy and into postpartum.