Homeland Season 6: All the details about the first episodes! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Find out all the details about Homeland’s first three episodes of Season 6, which will air on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

D-2! Indeed, the season 6 of Homeland begins Sunday, January 15 on the American channel Showtime and we can not wait to discover it as it is now over a year since season 5 ended. The diffusion of this new season has been shifted by the chain, which has inverted its programming with that of Shameless US . Please be aware that the episode 1 of season 6 of Homeland is already available , if you’re interested! To help you wait until the official start of the series and you put some water in the mouth on the intrigues of this new season, we invite you to discover the synopsis and promotional photos of the first three episodes of this new chapter in the series . If you have not seen the first episode of the season, entitled “Fair Game” , know that we will discover that Carrie and Franny live in Brooklyn and Carrie works as an activist for the American Muslim community.
In addition, we will meet the future President of the United States, Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) who will be briefed briefly by Dar Adal and Saul. In addition, we will see in what state is Quinn the writers decided to keep in Season 6 of Homeland . In episode 2, entitled “The Man in the Basement” which will air on January 22, Carrie and Reda – a law professor at Columbia University – will help their new customer that it will be done to stop the End of the first season. Meanwhile, Quinn will fight against his new life, while Saul and Dar will suspect that Keane, the future president, has a secret . Finally, in episode 3, entitled “The Covenant” which will be released on January 29th, Saul will travel to Abu Dhabi, still without knowing why. For his part, Carrie will have to give bad news to someone. Perhaps to his new client? Finally, the fate of Quinn could finally begin to improve. What do you think ?