Homeland Season 6: Brody back in the next episodes?

Cinema 30 December, 2016

In a few days, season 6 of Homeland will start on Showtime and the new episodes could be marked by the return of Brody!

Back to life? While we révélions a Prison Break actor arrived in Season 6 of Homeland , we learn that new episodes of Showtime will also be marked by an unexpected return: that of Brody. However, do not expect to see a new appearance of Damian Lewis since this return will be more of the symbolic order. The executive producer explains that the character will play a central role in at least one episode, following the decision to age Carrie and the daughter she had with Brody, Frannie (now played by 4-year-old twins). This leap in time for the series to explore the inevitable question: that of the father . “One thing that comes to the surface this season is the question of who was his father. Actually, I just made a scene for episode 9 that follows a monologue that Carrie does to Frannie in season 4 , In which she told him who her father was. With Carrie back in the United States, New York, to be precise, her role as a mother – and perhaps a bad mother – is a little more In front and in the center of history “.
He continues: “Last season, it was easy for her to Frannie on a plane and get him out of Berlin” . Although Carrie continue to struggle with motherhood , the producer assures us that Carrie no longer feeds the fantasy Frannie drown in a bathtub: “I wrote this famous episode of season 4, but the writers together the stories together and. suddenly, even if the scene of the bathtub was the idea of someone else, I have faced many criticisms because of it . ” Waiting to see the presence of Brody resurface, recall that the season premiere will be available on January 15 and recently we told you more about the announcement of the end of the Homeland! Would you like Brody to come back?