Homeland Season 6: Episode 1, return to American soil, our critic of the premiere season

Cinema 16 January, 2017

A few hours after the broadcast of the episode 1 of the season 6 of Homeland, discover our critic of the first season.
Finally ! After months of absence and waiting, Homeland was finally back last night on Showtime for a sixth season promised to be one of renewal, but by tapping into the nostalgia of viewers. It must be said that the show did not take place in the United States since the season 3 and this year we find Carrie in New York. Now our heroine has set up an organization that helps Muslims persecuted by the government. According to her and the figures, they would never have the right to a fair trial, since they are considered guilty from the moment they are suspected of being radicalized. This season premiere, entitled “Fair Game” , then we invite you to discover a new customer. We do not know yet whether it will be present throughout the season, but we imagine that the beginning of this case for Carrie is only the top of the iceberg.
Anyway, episode 1 of season 6 of Homeland already beginning to make us think. Is Sekou Bah a boy who has been radicalized? If there are many elements to suggest that yes (its website, its videos that can lead to violence because they excuse certain terrorist acts, etc.), we can nevertheless ask the question. Freedom of expression is important in the United States and many citizens of the country abuse it. But then, is Sekou guilty? We will have the answer, we imagine, in the coming weeks. Anyway, internal security will be at the heart of the plot this year. This is where the CIA will play an important role in Homeland . The series also introduced us the President of the USA who seems not to have his tongue in his pocket and who promises to be a key figure afterwards.
This first episode is a sympathetic mouthing, but maybe a little too light. More than a year after the end of season 5, we would probably have had to give a little more. The tension was not present enough, but we have faith in the writers. In any case, we may ask two questions: why Saul is sidelined at the end of the episode and especially, what was the point of bringing Peter Quinn back? Honestly, we do not yet see what role it will play in these new episodes. It is hoped that the writers have not concocted a small plot on addiction and PTSD, which have been seen and reviewed in other shows. Answer next week in episode 2 of season 6 of Homeland . What did you think of this first season?