Homeland Season 6: Episode 3, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 23 January, 2017

A few hours after the second episode of Homeland Season 6, we are already wondering what will happen next week in episode 3.
Last night, Showtime finally broadcast the second episode of the sixth season of Homeland. The latter still seduced us by its rhythm very different from previous seasons. Here we continue to permeate Carrie’s affair, but at the same time we were following the development of Quinn’s intrigue. If the latter was execrable at the beginning of the episode, it would appear that the crisis he had in the middle has profoundly changed his behavior. Indeed, episode 2 of season 6 of Homeland has revealed hints that our hero is not aware of what could happen to him in Berlin. Next week, Carrie and Quinn are expected to make more connections and it is hoped that the beautiful kid will eventually see his health improve. Meanwhile, Saul will travel to Abu Dhabi in “The Covenant” . This year, the CIA seems to have a particularly important and at the very least blurred role.
We saw it in the episode yesterday, but the organization had smelled that Carrie and the President of the United States were related and that this first advised her. But exactly what? We should know more next week. One thing is certain: this third episode is particularly intense to believe the images of the trailer. Violence, betrayals, revelations and investigation: that is what will happen in “The Covenant,” which will air next Sunday on Showtime . While waiting to watch the Discover program series of the week. What do you expect from the next episode?