Homeland Season 6: SPOILER alive, is it a good idea?

Cinema 25 January, 2017

While Homeland Season 6 continues on Showtime next Sunday, a question arises: was the survival of a certain character necessary?
Last season, Homeland took us to Europe for its plot and it was in Berlin that Carrie had put his bags. There, our heroine tracked down a terrorist group that threatened the German population with a chemical weapon aimed at destroying it. If the drama was avoided closely, one of the characters of the show, it was confronted to the latter. It is obviously Quinn whose execution had also been filmed and revealed on the net. Fortunately for the hunk, Carrie arrived in time to save him, but we had to wait for episode 1 of season 6 of Homeland to discover his fate . For fans of the protagonist, it was a relief to see him alive and well. His physical condition is clearly not ideal, but he breathes. However, is its survival a good idea? We have a right to ask ourselves.
Only two episodes of this sixth chapter have been broadcast, but Quinn has an important place in the plot at the beginning of the season. Very weak physically and still very affected by the poison he was forced to receive, Carrie’s friend has the right to scenes nervous, energized but redundant. A number of series have already explored the theme of the return to life of a character who has been faced with the worst. So no, Quinn was not on the front to fight enemies with weapons, but his behavior almost falls of post-traumatic stress disorder . He is reluctant to be helped (whether it’s his rehabilitation, just like in his medication), causing many conflicts with Carrie. This situation is trying for our heroine who at times becomes really unbearable.
Last year, Quinn’s role in the series was subject to many questions. A lot of viewers had their doubts about his interest in the heart of the show. What if this year was the same thing? A tortured character who sometimes acts under the influence of anger and whose actions are not always comprehensible. We hope the show does not go too pull the rope with the hunk and one wonders if it would have been better to let him die at the end of Season 5 . Only the future will tell, but for that, we give appointment next week for episode 3 of season 6 of Homeland ! Could Quinn have died, according to you?