Homeland Season 6: Why did not the scriptwriters kill SPOILER?

Cinema 7 January, 2017

A character from Homeland almost died in season 5. Find out why he’s still in season 6!
Season 6 of Homeland officially begins January 15 on Showtime but episode 1 is already available . If you’ve seen the episode, entitled “Fair Game” , or that you have followed the spoilers and seen the promotional videos of the new season of Homeland, you are aware that Rupert Friend reprized his role of Peter Quinn . Yet in a more critical state at the end of season 5 after a sarin gas attack, it seems that Peter Quinn got away – still with many sequels. Here then the explanations of Alex Gansa gave the US website Entertainment Weekly about the choice to keep his character: “It’s at the end of last season that I suggested to [Friend] that there were chance that survive ” , explained the showrunner. The goal is then to show the character’s life after he survived the sarin gas and a whole bunch of other horrors related to the war.
“One of our very first ideas [Howard Gordon] and I had when we talked about Homeland was that there was no television series that brought to the screen the return of Iraqi soldiers and Afganistan. and now so we can really look a victim of the war against terrorism ” , added Alex Gansa. The character of Quinn is going to take over after that of Brody – who was an example of beginning of what we saw after fighting there. Rupert Friend, who plays Peter Quinn on the screen, also spoke on the topic: “Homeland is something I do not think I saw on TV before, where you have a character in season 6 and is simply unrecognizable from previous seasons ” . Besides, if you’ve ever seen the first episode, it’s certainly the impression you’ve had of it. While waiting to learn more about the future of Quinn, know that you can find the trailer for Season 6 of Homeland on melty. What do you think ?