Homosexuality, cocaine …? A biography unveils Cyril Hanouna

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

In Cyril Hanouna, the jester who became king , the first biography of the presenter Touche Pas to My Computer , René Chiche reveals unknown aspects of his personality.

Rene Chiche, has just published the biography Cyril Hanouna, the jester who became king . The book, published by L’Archipel, already speaks volumes about it. When asked by our colleagues Here , the author throws a little light on the troublemaker of the PAF, so revered that hated. After several months of work, René Chiche managed to get close to many testimonies and colleagues of the boss Hands off my post . But it has not always been easy. “It’s true that he has such influence that people censor themselves to testify” , he says.
Among the entourage of Cyril Hanouna René Chiche has obviously started to approach the team Hands off my post . “For example, I contacted Thierry Moreau , whom I know well and with whom I worked there 20 years in the CBNews newspaper, but he would not testify. Gilles Verdez would not either. Career Christophe told me things but without interest. ” In off however, tongues are loosened. “A former columnist who told me qu’Enora Malagré had some influence on Hanouna and had tried to prevent the recruitment and Matthew Delormeau Nabilla .”
“Its success stirs jealousy” , still tells René Chiche, who explains that he was confronted with many rumors “delusional” and “totally unfounded”. “For example: Cyril Hanouna sniffs coke every day. This is completely false! All this because it is totally crazy, survitaminated on the air. But he’s been like that since childhood! It’s a hyper healthy guy who does not smoke, does not drink, tennis. His only “drug” is the food every once in a while. ”
Another rumor in fashion, the biographer reveals: “A Canal + leader, I can not say the name, who told me he was gay, but the really affirming to me. I understand that he did not love her. ” The reason for so much gossip? “He is the flagship leader of the media and the 2000s, so he stirs up a lot of things against him.”