“Hot Water Challenge” : the challenge that kills

Health 16 August, 2017


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There has been the “game of the headscarf” and the “petit pont massacreur” on the playground. The children always have an overworked imagination when it comes to the design of pastime more or less enlightened. But the latest challenges in vogue are enough seriously to alarm the parents and ask about the level of unconsciousness of more young people.

To scald his neighbor

After the” Ice-Salt Challenge “which was to lay a layer of salt and ice on his skin, and remain stoic as long as possible – the game has burned to the 2nd degree the skin more of a ado – here came the” Hot Water Challenge “, a replica of the bad taste of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” organized in support of research on lou gehrig’s disease.

Zero issue here, the last “game” in vogue is simply to scald his neighbor. The videos scroll by, where we see the teenagers leaning on the top of a gas stove, bring water to a boil, take the saucepan and pour the content on a comrade.


In the United States, the challenge has killed a little girl of eight years. His cousins were challenged to drink of the boiling water with a straw. His digestive tract and his trachea had been burned, the child succumbed to his injuries six days later, a victim of respiratory failure.

Another girl slept with her best friend for a sleepover, when the latter paid him over a bowl of boiling water in his sleep. The young girl, burned about the face and shoulders, and is not safe to keep the view. She was hospitalized in a serious condition.


Get well moni, COUSIN, LOVE YOU !!!! #hotwaterchallenge On early Monday morning a 12 year old Aniya stood over 11 year old, MENTALLY ILL Jamone Merritt while she was SLEEP and poor boiling water on her out of spite. Aniyah & Jamone were close friends who hung out everyday. For the pass few days they have had a couple of arguments. Sunday night before jamone went to bed Aniyah told her “Don’t go to bed, I’m going to do something to you” while jamone was sleep Aniya & FRIENDS performed an “Hot Water Challenge” This was the results. All of this happen under Aniyah’s parent supervision, who “claims” that she didn’t know absolutely anything about this. Parents Please Talk to your children about bullying and these challenges that’s performed on YouTube and etc, Jamone, only 11yrs old will be scar for life because of bullies and a deadly challenge. FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS STORY PLEASE CONTACT Darnishalee2277@gmail.com #hotwaterchallenge @channel7 @foxnews @cnn @newyorktimesmagazine @new_york_times__

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Several people, of children and adolescents for the most part – have been heavily injured in indulging themselves in this game or in the inflicting to the other.