Hotels hospital : 41 establishments that engage in the experimentation

Health 19 July, 2017


Published the 19.07.2017 at 16: 05


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The hospital has to make savings. So in the context of the shift to ambulatory care, a quarantine of health facilities will offer their patients a benefit of hosting non-medical. Nicknamed the ” hotel hospital “, these services will help to avoid admission to hospital of patients who are not in need of specific medical care. These institutions are listed in a decree published on Wednesday 19 July in the official Journal.

Launched by the preceding government, this experiment is expected to last 3 years. Among the 41 institutions, volunteers of the centres of anti-cancer such as the Centre Léon Bérard of Lyon, the centre specializing in the rehabilitation of Kerpape (Brittany), or of the great parisian hospitals such as the Necker hospital for sick Children in Robert Debré.

These institutions will be able to welcome patients in their own premises, but separate from those dedicated to the hospitalizations. The accommodation can also be achieved by a hotelier or a partner association. This service will be provided to patients before or after their care.

1 € 200 in savings per night

Proposed by Olivier Véran, rapporteur of the budget of the social security in 2015, this should reduce costs 1 250 to 50 euros per day for the State. A project recommended by the High Authority of Health (HAS), which could generate significant savings.

It does not, however, unanimous. In an editorial published 3 years ago, the French Association of ambulatory surgery (AFCA) had its opposition. Its president, professor Corinne Vons, explained, for example, that these services could become the new ” sites of transmission of nosocomial infections “. It was also a concern that these structures become hospitals ” at a discount “.

The evaluation conducted in the next two years will tell if these misgivings were justified and will allow to assess the interest of these hotels or hospitals.