House of Cards season 5: 3 reasons to binge-watcher the new season

Cinema 30 May, 2017

That’s it, season 5 of House of Cards is available since this morning on the platform of SVOD Netflix, do not waste time before discovering it!
What is it Friday? Unfortunately no, we are on Tuesday, but it is the day that choose Netflix to unveil season 5 of House of Cards on his site. This means that we will have to console ourselves that we will not be on weekends tomorrow devouring the new episodes of the adventures of Frank and Claire Underwood. And if you are not yet convinced, the editor of melty offers you 3 reasons to binge-watcher this fifth chapter of House of Cards . Reason # 1: The first four seasons are great . If you liked and devoured the four seasons of House of Cards that have already been released, you know that the political drama of Netflix is ​​of very good quality. She has the gift of fascinating us for politics when we sometimes struggle to take an interest in our everyday life. Despite a change of showrunners for season 5, those who are now at the helm – Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson – have been part of the series since season 3. And from what we’ve seen Trailer, this new chapter looks just as good as the previous ones, maybe even even darker.
Reason 2: the SPOILERS! As we know, nowadays with social networks it is harder and harder not to get spoiler from anywhere on our favorite series. The Netflix series are still a special case because, as everyone consumes them at a different rate, we can spoiler the final season while we are only in episode 2. Binge-watcher the season 5 of House of Cards could then save you this unfortunate problem. Reason 3: to know if Frank Underwood will remain President of the United States. Sometimes we do a marathon to avoid spoilers, sometimes for fun and sometimes simply because we’re too eager to know what’s going to happen. As you know, House of Cards season 5 will resume while Frank and Claire Underwood are still in the middle of the presidential campaign and this promises to be a real battle between them and the Conway. So, will Frank Underwood keep his place at the White House? It is only by looking that you will know! Will you be watching season 5 of House of Cards?