House of Cards : the show runners reveal what should have been the season 6 with Kevin Spacey

Cinema 29 October, 2018






The last season of House of Cards finally comes and, let’s be honest, even if you love the series, we will look especially to see how it has managed the return manu militari of Kevin Spacey in the past year. Yeah, we are far too curious…

If House of Cards is finally back on Netflix, it faced a storm which very nearly cost him his final season. In fact, it reminds us that there is almost a year, just after the explosion of the case of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey were also on the grill. Accusations of sexual assault, racism and violence, the interpreter of Frank Underwood has not returned.

And the series has failed to dive with him until the show runners and the chain does not decide, as a last resort, kill the character and focus on the latest episodes on his wife Claire, new President of the United States.


Kevin Spacey, face to face with himself


Something that had already been suggested at the end of season 5 and the writers were able to exploit to make the transition easier. But you always wonder what it would have looked a lot like the last season of the series if Kevin Spacey was still in the casting. A question that was partially answered on the show runners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson in the micro Indiewire, stating that the season 6 was always there to tell the takeover by Clear.

“It immediately became a threat to the character of Francis, which squinting on the job for a long time. So, what was played was a battle to control the narrative.”

Indeed, Pugliese states that, months before that Spacey does not fall, reflecting the season, the team had the idea not only to place Claire in the chair of President, but also to make the narrator of his own story.


The time has come for Claire Underwood


“It was where we wanted to arrive for the season 6. Regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what happens, we knew we wanted it. The other thing that we had, and that had been planned for season 5, was the idea that season 6 would investigate who owns the White House.”

This brings us to the part directly relating to Spacey. What would have happened if he had not been fired ? He would have to face Claire, his wife, in a dramatic trend logic :

“At the end of season 5, there was this promise that made Francis to possess the Clear to get the White House. He tries to present this in the form of a partnership but hey, you know, she reads between the lines. So, in season 6, we knew that all these forces would try to control it and to possess it. It was something that we wanted to explore and that we’ve always wanted to do.”


The end of the mythical couple


But the absence of Spacey the generic has condemned this arc. Still, visibly, Frank Underwood is always present in the season, one way or another, as the precise Melissa James Gibson :

“Frank always tries to have an impact on things, but it is the fact beyond the tomb, true to himself.”

And Pugliese concludes :

“He was so central in the first 5 seasons, I think that this would not be a good idea to delete it. And I think that this is not even a good idea for Claire to try. It may try to close the door, to continue without him, because that was where the story was going anyway but this will not be easy. If it had been easy, I think, in a certain way, it would have betrayed the past five years.”

It could not be better. Finally, and if, thanks to the scandal of last year, House of Cards , we proposed to his season was the most successful ? Frankly, we hope so. The Verdict on November 2 on Netflix.