How a Toxic Relationship can affect your Mental Health- 6 Ways

Health 19 August, 2020

We all know how necessary it is to offer our bodies a break from “toxic” food and drink, but what about cutting off toxic behaviors to ourselves? Such abusive relationships come in various ways; from parents, children, family members, and even colleagues and friends.

Toxic relationships go far beyond the pure loss of positive qualities; they bring misery to your existence. People at this time will come to you saying, “Oh! I know some divorce attorneys near me in case you need any help”, but you may struggle in making a decision about your future. Here are some adverse effects that a toxic relationship may have on your mental health:

Lack of Confidence

The first aspect a poisonous individual is looking for is the other person’s confidence in the relationship. Being in a relationship with a toxic person will destroy your faith. They are going to make you doubt your self-worth, and may cause you to start self-criticizing over things that you cannot control. So a relationship with a toxic person will destroy your confidence.

Emotionally exhausts you

Toxic relationships are heart-wrenching because you are spending so much of your time and effort to make the person pleased and satisfy their needs instead of your own. Whenever you spend time with this person, you feel incredibly stressed out because they are narcissistic, hypercritical, and self evolved. They make you feel so exhausted from their drama that sometimes you don’t want to stay with them.

Makes you pessimistic

And if you have already broken links and parted ways with this person, when you are in a destructive relationship, your perception of the world and your perspective on life shifts. Where hope and excitement previously prevailed, there might now be distress, apprehension, and distrust. You could become pessimistic about love and relationships and distance yourself from those around you.

Increase your stress level

People do face depression in a toxic relationship. The violence reflected by the toxic person is the main reason for the stress that people in toxic relationships feel when around their counterparts. This coercion makes people feel weak and vulnerable, and therefore their mind remains on high alert awaiting the next move of the other individual.

Impacts your Health

Insomnia, elevated blood pressure, body pain, and reduced immune functions, these are only some of the possible side effects of the existence in an emotionally exhausting partnership. The main point is that you can consume a balanced diet, workout and take vitamins, but if you battle constant tension, you’ll always feel hungry, tired, moody, and unwell.

Effects your future relationships

For a while, you may not wish to start a new relationship. With severe scrutiny, you can assess and evaluate possible partners, which might be genuinely impossible to trust. You’ll be searching for more negative and unhealthy partnerships because that’s what you feel most at ease in. Over time, you’ll lose the ability to understand when a good, healthy relationship comes along.