How Brad Pitt has “sunk” the box of Odile Soudant, French visual and he was sentenced Gala

Entertainment 19 August, 2017


The artist Odile Soudant told the newspaper Liberation have been condemning Brad Pitt for having “wrecked ” his company Studio Light. But the story seems more complicated than the simple envy of a super star of the ruin of another artist. In question, a company’s opaque, which would have inflated the costs of the services of the various companies that were working on the site.

Odile Soudant fought for three years to win your case. Justice has finally recognized the dispute which it was the object. The company’s Chateau Miraval to Brad Pitt, was ordered to pay half a million euros to the artist for the unpaid bills, the contribution to the liability and the damage to image and reputation. The artist tells in the pages of Liberation how the actor d’Inglorious Bastard came to running his company, Studio Light that she had created in 2009.

The ex-couple Bard Pitt and Angelina Jolie acquired the castle of Miraval, in the south of France, in 2008. The two actors want to make some transformations of the domain. In 2010, they went via a luxembourg company Odile Soudant, a specialist in the field, for the lighting of their property. Jobs of the pharaohs are waiting. For three years, the site is progressing without too many problems. However, the actor will soon be seen that the luxembourg company, managing the various companies on the site, inflates the price of the services, including those of the company of the artist. The actor stops immediately the payments. Odile Soudant is aware of nothing and continues the work requested by the two celebrities. This site represents then 70 % of the orders of his company. After some time, without a cash infusion, the artist becomes unable to pay its suppliers. The actor not responding to his e-mails, she sees his company being placed in receivership with nothing to do.

Today, the artist has been successful and has been rewarded a half-million euros. Odile Soudant does not, however, stop there. She blames the actor to be appropriate to its work, including the lighting she has designed for the country house of the Seventeenth century and its dependencies. One can admire his work in advertising My Guerlain, which Angelina Jolie is the muse, which is rotated in the property.

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