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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron had been associated with the singer Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laeticia in an intimate setting.

They are known in a context festive in July 2016. Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia had decided to organize a birthday surprise to Line Renaud. A few friends were invited for Hallyday at their home inMarnes-La-Coquette.

The singer was thrilled to find out upon arriving for the dinner, she imagined a small committee, some of the guests that she does not expect. To his delight, Muriel Robin, Stéphane Bern or the couple Macron, were of the party. She had met and immediately became friends a few months ago with the young minister of the Economy and his wife, at a dinner at the home of a common friend. Their common origins in the Hauts-de-France had reconciled immediately.

Brigitte Macron is a fan of Johnny Hallyday from his younger years. She has trained her husband more than once in a concert this last. The presidential couple was present at one of the last performances of ” vieilles canailles “. the president had not shunned his pleasure and singing loudly the songs of the idol of young people, dancing with his wife in the midst, joining his fists to perform the choreography of “Gabrielle” (on the words ” die of love in chains “).

Emmanuel Macron has been prévénu of the disappearance of the singer by a call night of his wife Laeticia. It twittait a few hours later : “We all have in us something of Johnny Hallyday. The public of fans and followers that he had acquired is in tears. We will not forget neither his name, nor his face, nor his voice. Here in the pantheon of the song where he joined the legends of rock and blues that he loved so much.”

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