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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


Christine Bravo has revealed to have escaped three attempted rapes, one of which TF1, 25 years ago. His testimony is deeply moving.

It is a testament to chilling as book Christine Bravo to our colleagues in Tv Entertainment. The facilitator explained that it had been the victim of three attempted rapes, one of which TF1, 25 years ago. “A man, which I do not give out the name, I waslocked up in his desk and ripped off my bra. I screamed, it saved me. But the people had bowed his head when I could get out. There was no solidarity with the women at the time. This kind of incident was commonplace”, complained the presenter of Frou-Frousur France 2 at the beginning of the 1990s.

“Balance your pig “, very little for it. Christine Bravo has no intention of disclosing the name of his attacker. “Why I do not give this person today ? Difficult. If the stalker has died, his children did not know. If it is still alive, there are prescription, and, in addition, there is a risk of being attacked for defamation. So, I believe that the knee that I’ve taken that day, in the genital area, I was refunded.I have not been a real victim” is comforted with the facilitator. Times change, customs change. Christine Bravo has encouraged victims to “speak, first to the police rather than on the Internet. And before the prescription”.

Flavie Flament has also had the courage to put the words on his aggression. The moderator of 43-year-old has revealed she was raped when she was 13 by the photographer David Hamilton. “It made me a crazy time one day be able to designate publicly my rapist, and then to be able to even pronounce these words :‘I was raped when I was 13 years old by David Hamilton’.This sentence-I would have never imagined to say it,” she said on 31 January in front of the delegation for women’s rights of the national Assembly.

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Christine Bravo

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