How Julia Roberts wishes to have a very good day

Cinema 30 December, 2016

After a somewhat hollow period, Julia Roberts multiplies the projects. The next: a television series, the first of his career. Today will be different will be adapted from the book of the same name.

The bright smile of Julia Roberts will soon light up television screens since the actress has agreed to star in a series . This will be the first of his career as a lead role. We remember his visit in season 2 of Friends , in 199 5, a cult scene with the character of Chandler, but never the actress was the heroine of a series. A mistake that will soon be corrected since Julia Roberts will play in Today will be different , a miniseries in which she will play a woman, Eleanor Flood, giving a new direction to his life . A character ” to life a little spoiled, which decided that day to discuss the little things she has neglected happened,” says Variety. This new life of desire will face some difficulties as a husband a little lost, a child who is ill and said a former colleague a little invasive.

It is the producer Megan Ellison who convinced the unforgettable Pretty Woman , after buying the rights to the book written by Maria Semple. Not content to play in the series, Julia Roberts also the co-occur. This mini-series will address sensitive themes but should be both funny and touching