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Health 3 July, 2017


Lady Diana was an attentive mother and caring with her two boys William and Harry. Also the day where photographers had trapped Harry on the way to school, the princess jumped. This is one of his brothers, Charles Edward Spencer, who tells of the event to Good Morning America.

When it came to the well-being of its children and the preservation of their intimacy, Lady Diana left nothing to chance. Today, 20 years after his death on the pont de l’alma in Paris, one of his brothers paid homage to him, Charles Spencer, tells the dawn of a documentary on the young woman on thea string ABC , The Story of Diana, how she was upset when they tried to trap Harry in the press. As the also tells the DailyMail, nothing in his life could not compare to the love ” that she carried, at the point of throw a tantrum in the face of intrusive photographers.

One day, in fact, described Charles Spencer, the little Harry is immortalized in the process of pulling the language on the way to school, a behavior that makes it pass for a small boy “provocative” and ill-mannered. In reality, the son of the princess is not there for nothing : it has caused to create the cliché of the perfect prank. He plays simply, without ulterior motives. “It was sheer dishonesty to want to make it look like a little boy completely rude while they were in fact caused deliberately. Diana was furious “, he explains.

And, like all children, Harry had his moments of indiscipline. This is not Kate Middleton who will say the opposite… With prince George, the duchess has a hard time.

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