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Entertainment 7 December, 2017


At the age of 74 years, Johnny Hallyday is dead. At his side, Laeticia, his wife for more than twenty years, his unwavering support and his adviser. The one which was found very young in the light of the media, his marriage with the rocker, has been able to build his image and his place in the clan Hallyday.

Laeticia, the ” last woman of my life “. It is as well as Johnny Hallyday described, in a documentary which will soon be aired, the one that was at his side for over twenty years. A courageous woman, a fighter who accompanied him to the end in its hard fight against the disease, watching over him in his last hours. Since their marriage at the town hall of Neuilly in 1996, the couple has never left. During their twenty years of union, Laeticia has established itself as a pillar of the clan Hallyday, giving the singer the love which he had missed, and helping to revive his career.

Aged 21 at the time of their marriage, Laeticia, has gradually found his style and his place beside the rocker. Aficionado of fashion, she is regularly present on the front row of fashion shows of top fashion designers, a passion she shares with her close friends as the model Caroline de Maigret. His twenty years at the sides of the rocker have been marked by his physical evolution, but also its ability to influence on his career. Introducing Johnny Hallyday to social networks, making public her struggle to have children, or even his fight against the disease, she has made her family a model to which many fans identified themselves.

A love and a dedication to mutual, as the singer has not hesitated to take up his defence several times when it was under attack for its role in his career as the artistic director.

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