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Entertainment 6 December, 2017


Laeticia Hallyday has always supported her husband Johnny Hallyday, in good times and in adversity, both personally as well as professionally. She had become the artistic director of her husband.

Laeticia Hallyday has accompanied Johnny Hallyday until his last breath. The rocker died in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, in the arms of his wife. It has been a real support to him during their 21 years of marriage, both moral and professional. She crossed to his side of the disease, when the health status of the Taulier deteriorated, especially after his hip operation in 2009 and, most recently, when he was suffering from cancer of the lung metastasized, from which he subsequently died this day. “She saved her life on several occasions,she has always been there, recognizes Gilles Lhote, a friend of Johnny Hallyday, and author of books about the idol of young people. It has even been reinvented, it has introduced new people : Yarol Poupaud, Sébastien Farran, his new surroundings, a new team,” he continues.

Actually, Laeticia Hallyday has gradually taken on paramount importance in the life and career of rocker. It’s even become its artistic director. Nothing is decided without his endorsement : it is she who has given his agreement for the realisation of the tribute album, We all have something to Johnny. The Taulier itself was not that favorable initially. “Laeticia is paramount in the development of the career of Johnny. She is the artistic director absolute. She knows how far to push the image of her husband. She knows how to embellish it. (…) Today, Laeticia has 30 years of history with the character. She is very often better than him, of which he is capable”, recognized the manager of the legend, Sébastien Farran, to The Express in mid-November.

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