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Entertainment 20 December, 2017

Laeticia Hallyday

Since her marriage to Johnny Hallyday in 1996, Laeticia was often portrayed as a young woman, fragile and naive… An image that has stuck to the skin over the years, despite the trials she was able to survive with courage and determination. Philosopher, she has always responded to the teasing with humor.

Since the beginning of its history with Johnny, Laeticia Hallyday, has regularly been the target of comedians. With his youth, his slender figure, his chubby face and his high-pitched voice, it must be said that the caricature was tempting. Result, this image of a woman was fragile and naive it has long stuck to the skin. and this in spite of the trials she has endured, his courage, his strength and determination today obvious.

Between 2009 and 2010, the impersonator Nicolas Canteloup is the wife of the singer one of his characters fetishes on Europe 1. With his piping voice, its about angels or even ” care bears “, and his reactions a little niaises, Laeticia Hallyday of Canteloup quickly becomes a reference in terms of imitation. The caricature, taken to the extreme, entranced the general public.

But Laeticia Hallyday is not the type to get upset. For a woman so-called “fragile” and ” naive “, she has a sense of caustic humor, a good dose of self-deprecating humor and a thick skin to any event. In an interview with Paris Match, published in 2009, the mother of Jade and Joy explains about the cartoons : “I love Nicolas Canteloup and I have a lot of humor ! Be the target of someone who has so much talent, I find it almost flattering. Honestly, it makes me laugh.”

During the interview, the young woman address even a nod to the comedian. While she describes her commitment to Unicef, of which she was appointed ambassador, she explains : “I like to go on the ground and think that, maybe, I’m on to something. It’s my fight as a woman. Mom. There is no more noble cause than to build a future to a child. Contribute, even a little bit, that is my greatest pride… “And added, laughing : “that will appeal to Nicolas Canteloup, isn’t it ? “

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