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Entertainment 12 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

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As she is about to join Los Angeles, Laeticia Hallyday, still very affected by the death of Johnny Hallyday on December 5, last, provides in the company of the manager of the rocker as the tomb of the latter shall flower in his / her absence.

Fled to St Barth since the disappearance of his Johnny, Laeticia Hallyday don’t go a day without going to collect on the grave of Johnny… After more than 20 years of love, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to the man they loved. As Laeticia and her daughters will soon be leaving St Barth, their paradise, where lies Johnny for the United States. The magazine Closer revealed this Friday : Laeticia Hallyday and the manager Johnny, Sébastien Farran, met with a florist to ensure that the tomb would remain flowery and worthy of him in the absence of his loved ones. Johnny Hallyday is, in fact, buried in the cemetery of Lorient, on the island of Saint Barthelemy, while Laeticia Hallyday and daughters, Jade and Joy, residents of Los Angeles.

The wife bereaved of the rocker has chosen to join their home in Pacific Palisades for the girls of the couple found as soon as possible, a normal daily, their school and their friends and classmates. Far from the bullying that they had endured on the island of Saint Barthelemy.

Since the burial of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday had remained on the island to render each and every day visit the grave of the singer. But the Caribbean sun had not lightened his sentence and the widow seems not to have taken over, crying sometimes in the street and spends most of his days in The House of Jade. After more than 20 years of relationship, this final separation is an ultimate test that Laeticia had been unable to resign himself to prepare. Johnny Hallyday passed away on 5 December last year died of cancer of the lungs, against which it fought for months. “She will survive” these words of Philippe Labro say a lot about the character of Laeticia, solid, despite the cracks. Supported by his friends, and his family, Laeticia is very surrounded in this event.

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