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At the Elysée palace, the eulogy is an exercise reserved for the pen of the president of the Republic, Sylvain Fort. The tribute to public figures acting on the sudden, very quickly after the announcement of the death… except in the case of Johnny Hallyday.

With each death of major public figures, the great chef Paul Bocuse at the actor Jean Rochefort, the pen of the president, Sylvain Fort, presents a eulogy funeral presidential. But if the Elysée ensures that the texts are written after the announcement of the death, often in emergency situations, an exception seems to have occurred. Indeed, the newspaper le Point recalls that a week before the death of the rocker the rumour that a text had been prepared in advance. Johnny Hallyday fought effectively for long months against lung cancer and was very ill in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette. The text has been distributed very quickly, in the night of the 5th of December, at three o’clock in the morning.

In this long text, tribute, worked great, that’s 21 references to songs by the rocker that has slipped Sylvain Fort : “We all have in us something of Johnny Hallyday. The one who claimed to be the son of person, born in Paris, one night in June 1943, was called Jean-Philippe Smet, and was soon better known by the name of Johnny. The rock’n’roll attitude that he imported to the United States made him the idol of young people in the 60’s, and a figure of the generation yé-yé. When spent the good time of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, the public would have been able to abandon it. It was nothing of the sort. Another life for him began. That of an artist drawing from the music that he loved, which was blues, rock, of these United States ideal (…) for more than 50 years, he was a living icon (…) Johnny Hallyday we will not forget neither the name, nor the mouth, nor the voice, nor the interpretations, which, with rough lyricism and sensitive, now belong fully to the history of French song. He brought a part of America in our national Pantheon “

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