How to avoid toxic shock related to the rules ?

Health 26 January, 2018


Published the 26.01.2018 at 07h05


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Although the disease is rare, it is more than ever on the front of the stage. Toxic shock syndrome refers to an infectious disease caused by a bacterial toxin that has penetrated into the bloodstream.
To avoid being a victim, several actions are required. First, the sanitary napkin remains the means of menstrual protection the most secure. Unlike tampons, it does not penetrate to the inside of the vagina.
The buffer has been challenged in the recent cases of toxic shock but, if it is properly used, it will make you take no risk. According to specialists, it is necessary to keep four to six hours. For a whole night, it is already to take a risk.

Hygiene at all levels

Avoid the stagnation of menstruation is necessary, but it is not enough : the hygiene must be impeccable.
Before putting his protection intimate, it’s necessary to wash carefully hands. The menstrual cup can even be sterilized. Instead of doing it in the beginning of the cycle, you can do so each use. To achieve this, it is simply necessary to boil the protection in the water to ensure that all bacteria are eliminated.
By applying these tips, you will minimize at the maximum the risk of toxic shock.

And if you are ever unsure about your past behavior in period rules, please do not hesitate to watch for possible symptoms. At the outset, it is effects similar to gastro, or flu. It is then necessary to remove the tampon and go to consult if these symptoms persist.