How to choose the right GP for you

Health 13 May, 2021

It’s important to get registered at a GP surgery, whether you are moving to a new place or are unhappy with your current healthcare setup. Your GP can help you with your health concerns and help you to resolve or treat any underlying conditions. Different surgeries have different staff, doctors and processes. You should find a surgery that suits your needs and is convenient for your current location.

If you have just moved to a new city, ask some of the locals for advice on the best GP surgery in the area. Or, research different surgeries online and check out their reviews to see how they handle patient care, appointment services and much more. You can also type your postcode into the NHS website to find all local GP surgeries in your area.

Here are a few reasons why you might change GP surgery this year.

Medical negligence

Medical negligence is when a healthcare professional provides inadequate care, worsening your condition or leading to an entirely new condition altogether.  If you have experienced medical negligence at your local practice, you should seek advice from a medical negligence solicitor to file a claim. You may also want to change GP surgeries so you can find a team of doctors to help you treat your current conditions.

Change of location

GPs are no longer restricted to a catchment area. Some GPS may keep you on as a patient even if you move to a different city. However, this isn’t always practical for in-person visits like blood tests, examinations and face-to-face consultations. Register with a new GP in your local area so that you can access healthcare much more quickly.

Bad relationship with your doctor

Sometimes patients and doctors clash, resulting in people wanting to change to a different surgery. As a doctor, it is essential to provide appropriate patient care and be as professional as possible. But sometimes, there can be a clash of personalities, and you may prefer to see a different GP in the future.

If something more serious has occurred between you and your doctor, please make sure to inform your practice.

Factors to consider when choosing a new GP

So you want to move to a new practice – there are a few things you should watch out for. The GP surgery needs to be accessible, so think about how you will get to the practice from home. Bear in mind that you will probably be attending the practice when you are sick – do you want to commute for an hour on public transport to get to a GP? I don’t think so. Choose a practice close to you for ease.

Your practice should have a good reputation and personal services to make you feel comfortable. Check the opening hours and make sure the hours are flexible enough to fit your job.