How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Charlie Weber “Frank’s death should be huge”

Cinema 13 November, 2016

While Frank was left a mess at the end of episode 8 of HTGAWM, Charlie Weber evokes today the possible death of the character …
Who’s under the sheet? This is the question that every fan of HTGAWM arise since the launch of Season 3. More complex and mature, the series is all the better. And it goes without saying that we could not be more attached to the characters of this series. Unfortunately, one of them will lose their lives in the mid-season finale next week. Since the return of the series on American screens, fans and visitors will therefore be their prognosis. And at present, it is played between Nate and Frank! While the promotional photos of episode 9 of HTGAWM just been unveiled , who plays Frank, Charlie Weber, has left a few statements about his character. Asked about the difficulty of spending as much time to turn only the first episodes of season 3 , the 38 year-old actor said: “It was hard for Frank The storyline is something Peter Nowalk and I talked and I ‘. was very excited. Then we started to turn, and I had not realized how much it would affect me me. ”

In miro YahooTV , Charlie Weber continues . “I think Frank should be with someone who shares his state of mind in its relationship with Laurel, I think he was trying to be normal or to have what love is supposed to bring. So I think if he found someone like him, he could have a relationship to another level. ” about his complicated relationship with Bonnie , who plays Frank said: “Maybe people like them, even if they are unable to have what the company calls a functional relationship, are able to be happy in their own way.” And while Aja Naomi King revealed ago little “Asher and Michaela need one of the other” , Charlie Weber held to discuss the Frank we experienced in the first two seasons of HTGAWM : “This character is not It has been unmasked.. so I think Frank will never become one it was. it can ripen and change but it can not be again that he was. ”

But of course, the topic of interest to all fans HTGAWM is the identity of the next death . And if the answer does not delay, there is no doubt that Frank is on track to be the famous death of the season. At the end of episode 8, Annalise orders him still to shoot in the head , even though Bonnie begs him not to do it … Poignant, that scene did much you react. Charlie Weber tease and then concludes: “[If Frank would die], this should be huge it would have to be crazy I would be clear that the in honor of Frank and all that he did..!” to recap, the final mid-season HTGAWM will air next Thursday at 22 hours in the US! And you, what do you think of Frank?