How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 10, all the revelations of winter premiere!

Cinema 28 January, 2017

That’s it, season 3 of How to Get Away with Murer is back with always more turnarounds! Check out our review of “We’re Bad People” and watch out for spoilers!
For several weeks he was expected and that’s it, Annalise Keating is back in season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder episode 10 which aired last night on ABC . Today rather than offering you a usual criticism, it is a small recap ‘of the many revelations of the episode that are delivered to you. As usual, the resumption of the series took place on the hubcaps and “We’re Bad People” got us a lot of surprises and twists .. . To start, we are immersed in the mood with a flashback of Wes, all smiling, cute and happy with Meggy. And especially alive … And a few minutes later, it is a Wes without life and half burned that one sees to be thoroughly autopsied while Annalise was also sifted before its entry in prison, l ‘anguish…
In other words, prison life is particularly difficult for Annalise, accustomed to a comfortable life. We also quickly see the impact of this imprisonment since even facing Bonnie who speaks to him of his defense, she is only the shadow of herself. And the first important thing to remember is that it is not ready to leave since bail was refused and she will have to stay in jail until his trial .
The second revelation is that even if all the clues point to Annalise, another culprit entered the lists in the first winter: the sister of Sam Keating . Hannah Keating has always been jealous of Annalise’s house and it is known that Annalise called her shortly before the explosion and the death of Wes to yield the great house to her … Hannah would have wanted to take revenge thinking That Annalise was taunting her? Not impossible …
But the big spoilers of the episode did not really concerned Annalise … While Keating 4 are at the hospital bedside of Laurel and trying to settle their accounts, Laurel admits that it is the father of her Wes baby .
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Always more twists!
In other words, one understands his pain and that the sequel of the season may be complicated for the young woman … But fortunately she has a little opportunity to release all her anger and frustration on a poor Frank who disembarks And dragged himself in the mud. His time with Laurel has led us to wonder if he really tells the truth at the end of the episode, since he may have done it only to redeem himself. Because yes, this is Frank going to the police in the last minutes of the episode to admit that it was he who killed Wes Gibbins . Surprise! Well, as you said, we are not yet convinced of the guilt of Frank and upcoming episodes of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder we surely say more. In short this winter premiere brought us surprises, answers, a rapprochement between Connor and Oliver, a touching scene between Laurel and Michaela and many, many drama. See you next week to find out what will happen to all the characters. And you, what did you think of it?