How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 10, anxiety prevails on winter premiere photos

Cinema 31 December, 2016

There is only a few days left to wait until the return of Annalize Keating and his team for the continuation of the season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder which looks very morose …
The suspense continues until January 19, and the return of TGIT on ABC and while the cast confided on the death SPOILER in season 3 of How to Get Awau with Murder there is little, it is now some photos that You are shown to help you wait. Watch out for spoilers in what follows if you are not up to date in the series. Episode 10 “We’re Bad People” should address the direct consequences of the death of Wes in the final mid-season to show us the reactions of all his friends and Annalise , we already have anyway Sowing a cry of despair when she discovered the body of her little lifeless pet. The photos you can see below show us that Laurel will probably have a hard time managing this new drama since she had recently partnered with Wes and is possibly the father of her baby. .
One wonders whether she is aware of her pregnancy or if Meggy or a friend of her will have to announce the news. Despite all their differences and their oft-repeated desire to be free of each other, this new tragedy could still mend ties between Keating Four and help them find a new group cohesion to get through this together. They will also have to elucidate the new mystery of Wes’ death in order to know if he was killed by someone or if he could have committed suicide. In any case the second part of the season promises to start on the hats and we are already looking forward to being January 19. To wait until then, know that the identity of the father of the child of Laurel will be unveiled in the first winter of the season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder ! And you, what do you think of these pictures?