How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 12, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 5 February, 2017

A few days before the release of a new season 3 episode of How to Get Away with Murder, discover what awaits you in “Go Cry Somewhere Else”.
The mystery surrounding the death of Wes continues for qu’Annalise Keating is in prison and after you offered our criticism of episode 11 of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder , it now proposes to discover this Which awaits us in the sequel. Episode 12 entitled “Go Cry Somewhere Else” will be broadcast on Thursday on ABC and as every week, the tension will go up a notch. According to the official synopsis, Annalise will still have to face new charges. It is assumed that this may involve a number of cases on which the prosecutor’s office are investigating and it is clear that there is a choice . Between the disappearance of Rebecca, the death of the assistant of the prosecutor Sinclair or even the Hapstall, it is not the mysteries which are missing … Meanwhile, Nate will discover a new element in the case of the death of Wes Who may well question his innocence.
Suffice to say that the chateau of cards is collapsing for everyone and that other characters could soon find themselves in prison … Indeed even Oliver will not be safe since he will also be interrogated In the next episode and we are already afraid of Connor’s reaction to this new test. Since the beginning the young man trying to protect Oliver and get out of this situation . The involvement of his ex-boyfriend could therefore stress him even more if Oliver’s presence could be a big advantage given his computer skills. The promo pictures you can see above let us hope for some moments of relaxation anyway since we see the Keating 4 smile and look a little happier than what we have seen so far. Obviously we are not immune to the fact that it can be a flashback … Finally, as the promo video shows, Annalise’s mother will come in reinforcement while a new shock Waits when Laurel goes to see the lifeless body of Wes. In short, reversals of situations and incredible suspense ahead and wait until Thursday, discover scores of How to Get Away with Murder in our US hearings balance of the week!