How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 13, is SPOILER guilty? Our criticism!

Yesterday evening ABC was broadcasting a new season 3 episode of How to get Away with Murder and a big twist could change everything for the sequel. Check out our criticism and attention to spoilers!
New week, new edition of TGIT with last night on ABC episode 13 of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder . As the end approaches and the mystery surrounding Wes’ death continues, we offer you our criticism of “It’s War”, an episode rich in twists and turns. Now that Annalize Keating (Viola Davis) is out of jail, she can take the temperature with her students to find out how they feel about Wes’ death. As you might expect, Laurel is very upset and does not hesitate to swing well-respected replies to his teacher while Connor remains the skeptic of the group . Yet the Keating 4 will have to collaborate if they hope to ‘ Out of the attacks of the prosecutor’s office. With the support of Nate, who seems to be returning to her camp, Annalise realizes that there is indeed a stubbornness and tries to have justice on her side but to no avail. It is therefore also with a little help from Frank, always useful even in prison, that the fight of Annalise against Renee Atwood advances.
Meanwhile, Laurel, who tries to do his best to mourn without seeing Wes to say goodbye to him, finds that things do not go fast enough and decides to hire a private detective. It must be said that she has her idea: according to her the Mahoney are necessarily responsible for the death of Wes, proof is the DNA test recently made about her. Only we know what the Mahoney are capable of and Annalise reminds us of it in a powerful and touching scene that shows once again how much she holds her students and wants to protect them – despite what others can say about her . The only one who questions his story is Connor – astonishing – and his doubts begin to hit the nerves of Asher (and ours), to the point that the latter asks a few questions … Could Connor be the anonymous source that hurled the police? Finally thanks to Oliver, we learn a little more since he finally decided to look at what is on the phone that Annalise asked him to empty.
And while we all expected a bit to discover new secrets about the lawyer, it is a completely different direction that the series takes. When Connor returns to find Oliver after his friends have fallen on him, the accusations are not over and Oliver tells us that Connor was at Annalise’s house on the night of the fire! The scene cuts and arrives the traditional flashback … of Connor doing a heart massage in Wes! OMG! You admit it’s hard to believe, despite his bad temper and constant complaints, could Connor really kill Wes? But why ? Considering the state of Wes, it is possible that Connor found him already unconscious and that he had just tried to save him … Anyway Peter Nowalk knows how to wake up the suspense and love this little game to board guilt about different characters … Waiting for the next and final double episode which you can discover the promo video above, know that How to Get Away with Murder was renewed by ABC! And you, what did you think of the episode?

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